Freeweight Equipment

Our freeweight selection is one of the best around. The gym is filled with Power Lift and Hammer Strength equipment, which is durable and effective. Squat Racks and Deadlift platforms help designate space and keep the areas clean. We offer over 20 bars including deadlift, safety squat, swiss, EZ-curl, and hex bars. Our Ivanko dumbbells go up to 180lbs. A double cable-crossover system gives you 7 stacks of weights.

Cardio Equipment

You have access to 12 treadmills, 2 step-mills, ARC trainers, Concept 2 rowers, upright bikes, recumbent bikes, and assault bikes in our cardio area.


Members love our clean and organized facility! Below are a few house rules with our weight room and cardio areas.

  • Ages 14+ (14 & 15 years old must do an etiquette introduction session) 
  • Put equipment away when finished using. 
  • Spray equipment down when you’re done. 
  • Use cubbies or lockers to store your bags, clothes, and belongings. 
  • Read the room and limit circuits and supersets during busy times. 
  • Respect people’s space and limit workout group size. 
  • Dress Code minimums require a shirt for both ladies and gentlemen (no sports bras, crop tops and cutoff are ok). 
  • Bring clean shoes during inclement weather.